Partner to Attract Military Spouses Employment

Partner to Attract Military Spouses EmploymentThe Department of Defense seeks Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) More than 600 companies are already partnering to recruit more than 250,000 military spouses. For...

Map: Remote Working Impact Away from Downtown La Crosse

Map: Remote Working's Impact Away from Downtown La Crosse New data generated by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the farther you get from downtown La Crosse, the more likely people are to work remotely. When the federal...

La Crosse County Programs for Businesses

BizNews Greater La Crosse created this resource page after interviewing La Crosse County in our BizCast podcast. Listen to it here >> Programs La Crosse County offers include:Revolving Loan Funds - Participation...

Holmen: 8,000 single family homes still possible

Holmen: Another 8,000 single family homes still possible  Continuing to build 200+ units a year. The Village of Holmen continues to be a leader in Wisconsin for growth. In 2021, it had the highest value of...

BizCast 09: La Crosse County’s Sam Bachmeier on Programs to Help Tear Down Buildings, Help Businesses

Episode 09La Crosse County's Sam Bachmeier on Programs to Help Tear Down Buildings, Help Businesses About BizCast Greater La Crosse We bring you news from the business community. From startups to experienced problem...

Take a Look at the Potential Projects in La Crosse’s River Point District.

Take a Look at the Potential Projects in La Crosse's River Point District. River Point District, once known as the Mobil Oil site, is across the street from Festival Foods on Copeland. It runs from Copeland Street to the...

Heavy Truck Road Restrictions Begin March 6

Heavy Truck Road Restrictions Begin March 6 in La Crosse County La Crosse County Highway Department announced that seasonal weight restrictions will go into effect on March 6, 2023, on various County Trunk Highways. The...

One-Minute Update on our Economy in January

Retail sales ticked up in January. Not expected to last.Retailers saw higher than expected sales in January after two months of declines, according to numbers provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Sales increased by 3%,...

BizCast 06: Growing a Startup with Emily Boland – Hunt & Gather

Episode 06 Growing a Startup with Emily Boland - Hunt & Gather Grazing Boards About BizCast Greater La Crosse We bring you news from the business community. From startups to experienced problem solvers, you’ll get...

BizCast Episode 05: City of La Crosse ARPA Funds Help With Workforce Development

Episode 04 State of Tourism with AJ Frels, Explore La Crosse About BizCast Greater La Crosse We bring you news from the business community. From startups to experienced problem solvers, you’ll get in-depth insight on the...

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